We are pleased to announce that Bovey Dental Practice is open again, but
for the time being, we are only open to treat emergencies and current

At this time, as dentists, we still have significant restrictions
imposed on us and the situation is far from "normal". Appointments can
only be made over the telephone. You will be asked a number of questions
primarily related to your Covid-19 risk status and an update on your
medical history. The practice has to be kept locked and you would be met
at the door and temperature checked. If we have concerns you may be sent
home.  Initial appointments will be for an assessment and if the problem
is simple we may be able to deal with it there and then. We will avoid
using aerosols( high speed drills,ultrasonic scalers, air polishers) if
possible. These need additional PPE and we have to leave the surgery
empty for an hour afterwards. If your problem is more involved  then you
would have to come back for an additional appointment.

We hope to start check ups and hygienist appointment soon and will be in
touch when we can make appointments.

Best wishes,

Jon, Ruth and the team


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